Since Saturday is Jack’s birthday, I’m sending him to school tomorrow with cookies to share with his class. He requested “sprinkle cookies,” which I assume are these cake batter funfetti chocolate chip cookies I made a while back. I can’t blame him; they are pretty awesome.

I forgot that the dough has to chill for an hour. Seeing as it’s already 11, I may be getting up early to bake them.

I can’t shake this gross cold, so we didn’t do much today. Any suggestions for natural sinus remedies?? I don’t want to take a decongestant because it can cause breastmilk to dry up. The sinus rinse has been my BFF today. Anyway, the kids and I did get outside for a little bit this afternoon. It was gorgeous out and Jack found this enormous leaf. I think I was more impressed by it than he was.

(HA- think it’s time for new pants??? He’s so skinny that it’s hard to find jeans that fit in the legs & waist, poor guy.)

Isla has been cracking me up lately. She’s started babbling (I SWEAR she’s saying Mama but Brian thinks otherwise), and check out her new tummy time routine:

What??? I put her hands in front of her and she sticks them right back. Baby planking.

Tonight I wanted soup so we headed to El Fenix for dinner. Casa Linda is usually dead but they were doing some tree lighting thing so the whole area was craaaaaazy. Oh well, I got my tortilla soup so all is well with the world.

ALSO- if you’ve been meaning to vote in the Chevy photo contest (and subsequently enter to win my Chevy swag bag giveaway), PLEASE DO SO!! I just checked and we’re behind… and I know that there are more than 98 of you reading this blog. Seriously, it takes like 2 seconds to vote and you don’t have to register or leave your email or anything weird. Click HERE to vote, and then go HERE and tell me that you did (click where it says “Choose Your Own Task” and then leave your email address) in order to be entered to win the swag bag. C’mon guys!!!

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3 Responses to Plank

  1. Gia says:

    Isla Grace looks like she just came in for a landing on the bed!!! I love that funny Baby Girl!!

  2. Susan says:

    I am sure you have talked to Katherine, but Kayla is trying to cordinate “employees” sitting together on Saturday and saving enough seats as a group. So if you are going you might want to touch base so she can save you a seat. It will probably be very crowded.
    Thanks! Hi, hope you are well. You children are just precious. I hope to meet them someday.

  3. Erin says:

    Hey lady, saw you are using a sinus rinse – if you think at all that you may have a sinus infection you should NOT use the rinse as it will spread the infection and make you worse. Sorry to backseat doctor you (especially since I am unlicensed) but wanted to pass along what I have heard from those in “the know”.

    BTW – Isla is so stinking cute (as is Jack)!

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