Home Again, Home Again

We’re hoooooooome! We had so much fun on our trip but it’s always good to get back into our own house. Traveling with a baby and toddler is NO JOKE, people. They were both really good but it’s still just hard- so much gear to lug (poor Brian was toting one suitcase and three carry-ons while I had Isla in the Ergo), attempting to keep up with a wandering 3 year old, airplane diaper changes, trying to nurse on takeoff/landing to keep Isla’s ears from hurting, keeping everyone entertained during the flight… it was definitely a challenge. Hats off to anyone who attempts this more than once a year.

We got home and all pretty much passed out. Chloe was SO excited to see us and even more excited to snuggle up for a nap. My mom bought me the softest blanket ever for Christmas and I’ve been fighting the pug for it ever since. Once we woke up I asked Brian if I should try to cook a healthy dinner or if we should just go out for Mexican…


I mean, come on… it’s been a whole week. That’s a long time without Tex-Mex.

Clean eating starts tomorrow.

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