My mom watched Isla this morning while I ran to Trader Joe’s, which was either awesome or really, really bad. Awesome because I got to browse around and check out all the new stuff… bad because I came home with twice as much as usual. Yikes. So these are my new addiction:

SO GOOD. I tell myself that they’re “healthy” because they contain lentils… though any health benefits are probably negated when you eat three servings in one sitting (they’re amazing in tomato soup, too).

After I picked up Jack to school, we headed to Target and ended up running into my mom there. She grabbed my cart and took off toward the toy aisle with the kids. I tried to come too, but Jack informed me, “I told you to LEAVE US ALONE, Mommy.”

Geez. No love for Mommy.

Tonight I tried this recipe for jalapeno cheddar chicken meatballs. I skipped the sandwich part and just served the meatballs on their own. Trader Joe’s didn’t have ground chicken so I ended up with ground turkey, but next time I’ll either seek out the chicken or use a fattier turkey (I bought the 99% lean today). The jalapeno-cheese flavor was good but they were really dry and dense. They need some fat to soften them up. I left out the jalapenos on a few meatballs for Jack, but that wasn’t really necessary (I scraped out the seeds so they weren’t spicy at all).

Yet again, that amazing brussels sprout-bacon-avocado-lime recipe. I love it, probably too much.

I also picked up another tub of dark chocolate & sea salt coated almonds, so I’m going to bust into those now while I catch up on Catfish. Night!

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