Make Ahead Meal

Today was such a yuck day: cold, sleeting, just blah. We spent the morning playing with puzzles (his new “thing”) then headed over to Jack’s friend Ella’s house for a play date. I love getting Jack out of the house and he is nuts about Ella, but OMG is he a holy terror when it’s time to leave. He refused to help clean up, then hit me when I told him we were going home. WHAT has happened to my sweet boy??

Luckily he took a long nap this afternoon, which was good for his crankiness and my sanity. I usually prep dinner while the kids nap, and these were 2 good make ahead recipes.

First- Lemon Chicken from Annie’s Eats. You marinate bone-in chicken thighs in lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic and herbs, then baste in butter and bake. The skin gets all crispy and delicious. I’m not usually a big fan of dark meat OR bone-in, but this was really good. Next time I might try it with breasts instead.

And then, one of my very favorite recipes that I somehow always forget about: Eat Live Run’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ Beans with Kale. OMG it’s the best. We didn’t have any cannellini beans, so I used dark red kidney beans instead. For the BBQ sauce I used Stubb’s, and Frank’s Red Hot for the hot sauce. It’s too spicy for Jack but I could eat this all day long… if only I had some cornbread to go with…

So, don’t forget to enter the Rodan + Fields giveaway I posted about yesterday! As of right now, only a handful of people have entered, which is cray cray because it’s a great product. And don’t worry that you’re going to get spammed or anything by entering. The only way you’ll end up on Leeanne’s mailing list is if you enter your email address for a 2nd contest entry (and that’s just a monthly info/deal email). So go enter!!! Do it!

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