The Color Purple

And Spring Break week continues… also known as “try to figure out something to do with the kids while avoiding crazy crowds” week. Today we met friends at the park, which was perfect because it was gorgeous out. Finally, spring! I love it. So does Isla.

(I can’t keep socks on that kid. The backseat of my car is littered with about 15 pairs of tiny socks that she’s ripped off and tossed. I feel like everywhere we go people are judging me for not putting socks on my baby.)

Look what I found at Whole Foods the other day… purple brussels sprouts:

Aren’t they pretty?? I just realized that Isla was wearing purple today, too. Must be the color of the day.

I roasted some for dinner tonight and I think they were actually a little more bitter than the green ones. Not too bad, though- Jack still ate them.

Also on the menu- that turkey taco soup that I’ve made about a million times in the last few months. It’s just so filling and good, especially with sour cream, cheese and chips (or these TJ’s lentil curls, which Brian hated but I liked):

And lots of leftovers, too. Perfect for easy weekday lunches.

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