Last Minute Dinner

I was sooooo tempted to not cook tonight. At 5:30 the kids were still sleeping and I had basically no plan for dinner. Strike that- I actually had a plan to make chicken in the crock pot, but the thing about the crock pot is that you actually have to remember to put food in it in advance. Apparently that’s just too much for me to handle. In other news, I’m awesome.

Anyway, I scrounged around and found the ingredients to make this honey dijon baked chicken.

Honestly, I didn’t love it. It was a little too sweet.

But- redemption!- I also made a batch of Eat Live Run’s BBQ beans & kale.

This is definitely in my top 10 favorite recipes. I could make it over and over again and not get tired of it. LOVE. And you can make it with whatever beans you have on hand. I used cannellini this time but have tried it with red kidney beans in the past. Both Jack AND Isla gobbled it up (just the beans- Jack stays far, far away from leafy greens).

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We may head down to the lake at some point- gotta sneak in some outdoor time before it’s 110 degrees.

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