Belated B-day

Tonight we headed over to my parents’ house for dinner to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. His b-day was actually Sunday so we were celebrating a little late. Isla didn’t seem to mind, though:

Neither did Jack:

OMG I will die trying to get a normal smile from this kid.

So the chocolate chip cookie brittle? Good stuff. I think next time I’ll bake it a little longer, because they outside edges were brittle-like but the inside was softer. Still good though! I brought some to dinner tonight but the rest needs to get out of my house ASAP.

For dinner my mom made tilapia veracruz (SO good), roasted asparagus and squash casserole.

I’m stuffed. Such a fun night- we had a great time hanging out with my parents, grandparents, aunt, brother and sister-in-law. The kids had a blast, too. I think Jack would probably just move in with my parents if I’d let him. It’s like Disneyland over there- toys, popsicles, jelly beans and constant attention. A three year old’s paradise.

Happy Birthday Dad/Baba!

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