Iced In

So we’re in the middle of an *ARCTIC BLAST* right now. At the moment all that means is that it’s raining. And cold. And that people at Target were going bat— cray cray stocking up on supplies, so that all that was left this afternoon was one bunch of really green bananas. Womp.

I’m normally all about the snow (er, ice) day, but this is a really crappy weekend for this to happen. Our last MOPS meeting of the year is cancelled, Brian’s family Christmas party- the one where Santa comes and gives a gift to each child- is cancelled. The WORST part is that Jack’s birthday party is scheduled for Saturday morning, so I’m praying to sweet baby Jesus that the ice misses us or has cleared up by then. This is the first year he’s really seemed excited about his birthday party and I reaaaaally don’t want to have to tell him that it’s cancelled. So happy thoughts and prayers, please?? Apparently this is a bad year for Baker kid b-day parties. Remember the hand, foot & mouth debacle around Isla’s 1st bday? So sad.

Guess what? I cooked tonight. I KNOW. It’s a Christmas miracle. Nothing exciting- I sauteed some shredded carrots and grated zucchini in olive oil, then added a pound of lean ground turkey to the pan. Once the meat was browned, I poured in 2 jars of marinara sauce (actually one jar of Giada’s artichoke pasta sauce and one jar of her tomato-basil sauce) and threw in some mushrooms. Served over whole wheat pasta and topped with roasted broccoli:

Hope everyone has a safe, warm weekend!

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  1. Carolyn Ingrum says:

    Praying that Jack’s party goes on as planned! I just got an email that the Breakfast with Santa event we were going to Saturday morning is cancelled. I thought that was a little premature…you just never know with Texas weather!

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