Thawing Out

So things seem to be getting back to normal around here. The ice is melting, Brian went back to work, and the kids and I managed to get out of the house this AM before cabin fever hit nuclear levels. We’ve been members of the Perot Museum for almost a year (literally… our membership expires at the end of January) and have gone not ONCE since we joined. Ridiculous. I’m not sure why- I guess because it was initially so crowded that I was too freaked out to bring the kids by myself. Monday mornings they have members-only hours from 10-12 in the children’s area, so the kids and I ended up meeting my mom there to play today. A bunch of our playgroup friends were there too so the kids had a BLAST.

It wasn’t crowded at all, which is probably due in large part to the weather- but I definitely want to go back again soon. I think Jack would have played on the little construction site all day.

Tonight I ended up making that same turkey taco soup that I’ve posted about a hundred times. It’s just so easy and good.

Like always I used the mild Ro-tel and also substituted a packet of powdered ranch for the taco seasoning. We also had BLAT (BLT’s + avocado) sandwiches alongside.

Now we’re going to go attempt to fix our sad little pre-lit tree with this bad boy… anyone tried it? I have high hopes.

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2 Responses to Thawing Out

  1. Gina Niesman says:

    Can’t wait to hear how the “light fixer” worked. Can’t wait to go back to museum again with you and the kids. What a fun morning!!

  2. Valerie! says:

    OMG, my stomach growled all the way over here from Ethiopia when I saw that chili and sandwich. I LOVE BLATs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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