We had quite the busy day. This morning we had an information session/tour of our local elementary school. I can’t believe that Jack only has one more year of preschool!!! It makes me want to cry. Anyway, I’m not sure if we’ll be in the same house by the time he starts kinder, or if we’ll do public or private, but we’re taking ALL the tours just to have our bases covered. It’s overwhelming, especially to the person who spends an hour deciding what to eat for lunch.

After the tour we met up with my mom for lunch and then Isla and Jack both fell asleep in the car on the way home. I transferred each of them to their beds… and then 10 minutes later Isla was up. So 20 minute nap for her. Girl has been a NIGHTMARE lately. Within the past few days she has bitten both Brian and me (like to the point of bruising). It’s also gotten to the point where I can’t take her anywhere because she freaks out and Houdini’s herself out of shopping carts, high chairs and the stroller. WTF? And that’s after she throws screaming, back-arching fits as I manhandle her into a seat. It’s so awkward. I’m pitting out in the middle of the grocery store because she’s screaming and climbing, and poor Jack is just covering his ears and desperately looking for something to hand her that will make her happy.

So yeah, this tiny, adorable 18 month old is essentially controlling our entire life. All the parenting books I’ve read say to just leave the store when she throws a fit, but really? That’s just punishing ME. She doesn’t give a crap if I drag her out of Target. Jack was so easy. I want to go back in time to his babyhood and punch myself in the face for ever complaining about anything he did. He was a cakewalk.

Ugh, sorry to be such a downer. This parenting thing is HARD. Any recommendations? Someone tell me that this is just a phase.

Brian worked late, so my dad came over tonight to play with the kids. I ordered pizza for Jack and Isla but just heated up leftover turkey taco soup for me (oh and obviously stole 3 pieces of pizza too).

I have a recipe I’m REALLY pumped about trying tomorrow night! Y’all are probably so sick of my soup posts. I’ll try to make tomorrow’s dinner extra exciting.

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2 Responses to Fits

  1. Katie says:

    please, please let me know if you tour my school. I’d love to show you around campus.

  2. Joy says:

    Yes, Jack was/is a dream child. We joke sometimes that he fooled us into having kids, he was so good and y’all made it look so easy :)
    Merrit started pulling the same stunt as Isla around 18 mos. things that helped me to buy enough time at Target:
    Bring lots of snacks. I like raisin boxes because it takes him a while to get through them, allowing more time to shop.
    Play eye spy-like easy things ‘I spy soap.’ This usually distracts him enough to stay in the cart for a few more minutes.
    Merrit is a runner, so now when he insists on getting out we are working on keeping one hand on the cart. This is miserable for both of us and usually I end up carrying all 40 lbs of him while pushing the cart after a few minutes. So please post any other tips for making errands more bearable! And hang in there-I’m told it gets easier

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