Beans and Greens

Today was fun but BUSY. Play date with friends this morning, then to the YMCA to sign Jack up for spring soccer. I joined their gym as well- we quit LA Fitness a while back so I’ve been looking for a place to work out. It’s a little far from our house but the childcare is great, so I’m hoping it will get my booty in gear. After that we met Brian for lunch, then home for naps.

Brian got home a little later than usual so I scrapped my original dinner idea in favor of something easier. For our main dish I just baked a few of those tortilla-crusted tilapia filets from Costco. Seriously, so obsessed. Ten minutes in the oven and it’s perfect! While the kids were napping I made BBQ beans and kale but used this giant bag of greens (baby kale, chard and spinach… again from Costco) that needed to be consumed ASAP.

Definitely not as good as with the regular kale (there was a lot more liquid, too). Those greens were too tender; kale gives it some heft. Oh well, still tasted great.

I tried to serve some of the fish to the kids. Isla wouldn’t touch it and Jack took one tiny bite and looked at me like I was trying to kill him: “It’s TOOOO SPICY!!! I NEED MILK!!!!!!!!!”

Ugh, whatever. Not spicy at ALL. Four year olds are so dramatic.

Oh so I forgot to mention that we watched About Time this weekend. Loved it! And House of Cards is definitely getting better. And I’m reading Divergent. So basically I’ve jumped on every possible bandwagon…

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3 Responses to Beans and Greens

  1. Laura Lynn says:

    Which YMCA? we are shopping around for gyms with good childcare…thinking about LIFETIME too…

  2. Mary Anne says:

    Yea for the YMCA! We love ours. And we just finished house of cards season 1, by the last episode I was hooked!!

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