Fat Tuesday

This morning I went to the gym for the first time without the kids. I got there a little early for the 10am yoga class, so I hopped on the elliptical and realized that you can WATCH TV while you work out. OMG, life changing. I could seriously just ellipticize (yes? no…) all day long as long as I had my little personal TV right there on the machine. I just pedaled away while I caught up on the Today show. And by the Today show, I mean Hoarders. My old gym just had a few TV’s mounted on the ceiling, and they were always tuned to something terrible. This is big time.

(The yoga class was great, too, if you were wondering. And then I went to Target BY MYSELF… just a fab morning overall.)

Tonight we met my parents for dinner at Mariano’s. As usual, Jack immediately snagged my mom’s iPhone, got bored with Preschool Monkey Lunch Box and then started taking pictures of everyone. The Brian & Isla shot is the best. Pick a winner, Squish!

My fish tacos.

Not pictured: my skinny frozen margarita. I’m giving up sweets for Lent and I think a margarita probably counts as a dessert. We’ll see if I revisit that definition in a week or two.

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One Response to Fat Tuesday

  1. Gina Niesman says:

    Jack may very well be the next Olan Mills!!! Fun night!

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