Whole 30: Day 2

Well it sure is easy to come up with post titles these days. Hey-ooooo. So yeah, day 2 and nothing really earth shattering to report. My mom and I went to Costco this morning and she kept asking, “Can you eat that?” “No.” “How about that?” “No.”

And so on. But really it’s not that bad (so far). Still no major cravings or headaches, which is SHOCKING. However my neck/upper back area is really stiff and sore and I’m wondering if that could be from caffeine withdrawals? I’m choking down my one cup of coffee with coconut milk every morning and wanting to die. When does this unsweetened coffee thing get easier? Never? Super.

I said NO to the egg this morning and instead cooked some spicy Italian chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s. Served over spinach, red pepper slices and mushrooms that I sauteed in olive oil with garlic and onion powder.

Pretty good! Much better than eggs. The exterminator was here this morning and complimented me on my breakfast. Hey hey.

Lunch was a lot like yesterday’s and not very pretty, thanks to the balsamic. I made a big salad with Trader Joe’s Healthy 8 mix, avocado, chopped grape tomatoes, canned salmon (Costco purchase), Tessemae’s lemon garlic dressing and LOTS of balsamic vinegar. Also mango and blackberries:

For dinner I tried a version of these paleo crockpot meatballs. Basically I followed the recipe for the meatballs, but then instead of messing with all of those ingredients for the sauce, I just poured 2 jars of Kirkland brand marinara sauce (Costco) over the meatballs and cooked them in the crockpot on high for 2 hours. That sauce is GOOD and whole 30 approved, so why not make it easier on yourself? Pre-saucing:

YUM and makes a huge batch. It’s a little time consuming- mixing the ingredients, forming the meatballs, baking them and THEN cooking in the crockpot- but I’m realizing that leftovers are gold on this plan, so if takes a little longer but makes a ton, that’s ok. Served over spaghetti squash, along with last night’s leftover roasted broccoli.

So there’s day 2 for you. Later, kids.

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2 Responses to Whole 30: Day 2

  1. Rose says:

    Another solid day. I applaud your efforts!

  2. Kira says:

    Yay, you guys are doing great! I also like the chicken and apple sausage for breakfast by Aidell’s or Applegate. And try the banana egg pancake with fruit, helps on the mornings you can’t take scrambled eggs anymore! :)

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