Whole 30: Day 4

I’ve come to the realization with this Whole 30 thing that it’s ALWAYS good to cook more than you think you’ll need, because leftovers are a life saver. I love to cook (obviously) but right now it seems like all I do is cook and do dishes, cook and do dishes, cook and… you get the idea. Next week I will be MUCH better prepared and try to prep a few meals ahead of time.

Anywayyyyy. I dropped the kids off at school this morning and then came home to a quiet, empty house. In other words, heaven. I turned on the Today show and got to cookin’ this sweet potato, apple and pancetta hash. Instead of pancetta I used bacon, and we were out of onions so I just threw in some onion powder. It’s a little time consuming- lots of chopping and stirring- but it made a BIG batch. So breakfast tomorrow is covered!

Served with an over easy egg. At least it was supposed to be over easy. I suck at eggs… isn’t that supposed to be a no brainer??

For lunch I had sauerkraut with TJ’s spicy Italian chicken sausage, carrots, guac and leftover bruschetta:

I picked up dinner for a friend at Liberty Burger tonight, and while I was there I grabbed a couple of kid’s meals for Jack & Isla. I haven’t had any cravings since starting the plan, but it’s SO HARD to not just grab bites when I’m prepping their meals! Tonight I had to stop myself from snagging a few french fries. It’s not even that I actually want the french fry or mac & cheese (ok maybe I want the mac & cheese), it’s just such an automatic response. Weird and annoying.

Brian and I had leftovers for dinner. Yea leftovers! Never thought I’d say that. Spaghetti squash with meatballs, and roasted broccoli.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Whole 30: Day 4

  1. Gina Niesman says:

    I have you know it takes years of experience to fry the perfect egg. :)

  2. Valerie! says:

    Here’s how you do it!

    Get the pan hot, break the egg, and cover the dish! I usually use a universal lid and a non-stick pan and it works like a champ every time – the egg gets perfectly over easy and slides on it. Keep the lid on for as long as you like to get the various over easy, over medium, and well done stages with no flipping required.

    Let me know if this just totally changes your life as much as it did mine.

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