Whole 30: Day 10

Day 10!! That means 1/3 down! Woot! I finally, finally made it back to the gym after TWO WEEKS off. Ooof. Our instructor held class outside today, which meant lots o’ running. It was definitely not my best workout, and I’m not sure if that’s from the lack of carbs or just taking two whole weeks off. I guess time will tell (and no more slacking off).

This morning I had what I’ve had for breakfast pretty much every morning this week- leftover apple-sweet potato hash topped with a fried egg and fruit:

We were scheduled to meet Brian for an appointment at noon so lunch had to be quick and easy… another batch of chicken-avocado salad (mashed avocado mixed with shredded chicken, lime juice, salt, garlic powder, onion powder and a splash of red wine vinegar) with sweet pepper for stuffing:

I bought a watermelon at Target today and Jack was LOSING HIS MIND for me to cut it up. I had no idea the kid was that obsessed with watermelon… all afternoon, “Will you cut it now? Now? Now????”

Anyway, guess what we had for an after-nap snack:

For dinner I made this Whole 30 Approved Burrito Bowl. You layer seasoned ground beef with green chiles and tomatoes over sauteed vegetables. It was awesome, BUT a few things to note:

1. Be sure to season your veggies. The recipe doesn’t call for any seasoning on the broccoli slaw/onions/peppers/celery mix, but I added lots of salt, garlic powder and onion powder.

2. Don’t forget to drain your ground beef after browning. The recipe didn’t say to do that but I think it would just be wayyyy too greasy otherwise. I didn’t drain my tomatoes but I did drain the chiles a little.

Topped with chopped tomatoes and guac:

Great dinner and lots leftover for lunches! Can’t beat that.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I snagged this burrito bowl recipe from your pinterest board! Yummy! My main takeaways were that it needed more seasoning (both the meat & the veggies), and that broccoli slaw is an awesome substitute for lettuce in tacos. I’ll definitely repeat

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