Summer Faves

You lucky kids who live in places that don’t hit you with a forecast like this MIGHT think that summer is almost over:

(Because Mondays don’t suck enough, let’s just throw in a high of 108!)

Anyway, you’re WRONG. It’s still summer at least until the end of September. For a few weeks I’ve had the best intentions of posting a summer favorites list, and I’m just now getting around to it. Surprise, surprise. But since some of you are still sweating it out with me, I thought I’d go ahead and show you what’s been at the top of my list this summer. I plan to do a current beauty faves list soon, too, so these are mostly odds and ends.

1. My Yeti Rambler. Holy moly, I am so in love with this cup. It’s gone literally everywhere with me this summer- to the pool, to the beach, it sits on my nightstand when I sleep and is ever-present in my car cup holder. Brian gave it to me for either my birthday or Mother’s Day (Brian is obsessed with all things Yeti), and because I already have about 200 plastic tumblers, I almost returned it. I’M SO GLAD I DIDN’T. This thing is crazy- I fill it up with ice and water in the morning, and the ice is still in there at bedtime. I just keep filling it up with water and the ice never melts, even when it’s been sitting in a HOT car (like 100+ degrees hot) or on a table at the pool. It’s amazing and has kept me drinking water constantly all summer. Apparently it’s great for hot drinks too but I can’t even think about that right now. OH and I got the decal on Etsy (here)… obviously I had to trash it up and make it as girly as possible.

2. The Wet Brush. Anyone who is dealing with ratty, tangled pool hair needs one of these. Isla is so tender headed and screams whenever I brush her hair, but she never makes a peep when I use this. This little one went in the pool bag, but I have a big one that I use daily after baths and to comb hair in the AM. Found them at Target.

3. The Honest Company hand sanitizer spray. As you know, we potty trained Isla this summer. And as you may not know, whenever one of my children potty trains, they immediately want to visit every public restroom in the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area. So we’ve used a lot of this lately. It’s great because it doesn’t drip like gel sanitizers (and doesn’t leak all over my purse), is all-natural, has a light orange-vanilla smell, and doesn’t completely dry out their hands or make them sticky. Love.

4. Block Island SPF 30 natural mineral sunscreen. Full disclosure: this was sent to me earlier this summer by Block Island. We use a lot of sunscreen around here. A LOT. And yet I’m in love with this stuff. It’s all-natural- the one active ingredient is zinc oxide. But unlike a lot of physical sunscreens, this one doesn’t turn our skin ghostly white, and it’s not greasy AT ALL. I hate that oily, covered-in-suncreen feeling. Aside from the zinc oxide, it has some pretty great, skin-friendly ingredients, too: aloe, shea butter, green tea extract, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Also, if you dislike most sunscreens because of the strong scents, this one has no artificial fragrances. It smells a tiiiiiny bit like eucalyptus when first applied, but the scent fades almost immediately.

5. Sun Bum face stick. Did I talk about this last summer? This stick is the shiz. It smells like banana bubble gum, isn’t overly greasy (I forgot to bring this to the lake last weekend and had to use a Coppertone stick… it felt like my face was covered in Vaseline and now I have 2 zits to show for it), and doesn’t run into the kids’ eyes when they’re swimming. They actually love putting it on because it smells so good. You can get it on Amazon, but Ulta runs BOGO specials on it pretty often.

6. Olly vitamins. I know I’ve mentioned these at some point. I found them at Target (notice a trend here??) after reading about them on various blogs, and they are a-mazing. I’ve been reluctant to jump on the (adult) gummy vitamin trend… until now. I take the Restful Sleep about 30 minutes before bed. They taste like blackberry mint and I swear help me fall asleep faster. I take the Effortless Digestion in the AM- it’s a probiotic- and I don’t know if it’s actually doing anything BUT they taste awesome, too (peach, and I don’t even like peach-flavored things). I bought Brian the men’s multivitamin and I think this is the first time he’s consistently taken a vitamin in… forever? I want to buy more now. ALL THE GUMMIES!

7. Okay these last two are just fun. These mini-ice cream cones from Trader Joe’s are TINY. Maybe 3-4 inches long? They’re adorable. Jack (and I) have been eating them for dessert every night because they’re just so miniature and perfect. TJ’s is constantly out of these so I try to stock up when they do have them. The ice cream is just ok, but I love the cone aaand there’s a chunk of solid chocolate in the bottom.

8. These little Justin’s pretzel packs are a new find. Bet you can’t guess where I bought them! Okay it was Target. Anyway, we’re big fans of Justin’s nut butters (the vanilla-almond is a favorite) so I snagged these for quick, easy snacks. The kids LOVED the chocolate-hazelnut flavor. Isla was literally licking the container to get every last bit of it yesterday. Always excited to find a somewhat healthy snack that they’ll actually eat.

SO… there are some summer faves for you! Let me know if there’s any must-haves that I should know about!

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