Here We Go Again

Brian and I are officially starting our 3rd (4th?? I can’t remember) Whole 30 tomorrow, so I bet you can guess what today entailed. GIANT Costco run and lots of meal prep. It’s heck of a lot easier to kick off this process if we have some no-brainer meals on hand:

On the left is a giant Costco bag’s worth of riced cauliflower. I found a breakfast casserole recipe that uses cauliflower instead of grits, so I may use part of this batch in the recipe and then use the rest for dinner during the week. Also sliced and halved mini peppers. The halves are great for stuffing with tuna or avocado-chicken salad.

That’s a lot of cauliflower…

In the black containers: Aidell’s chicken-apple sausage, turkey burgers and roasted brussels sprouts.

And finally, a bunch of hard boiled eggs (for quick breakfasts and snacks) and prepped brussels sprouts to roast later in the week.

Whew. The prep took less than a couple of hours… but the clean up was a beating. Hopefully it will pay off later in the week!

We had a pretty low-key weekend. We grabbed tex-mex for dinner on Friday, spent most of yesterday cleaning out the garage (which was super fun… no) and then today I meal prepped while Jack and Brian took down the outdoor decorations. We’re a little behind.

So, 4 episodes into Making A Murderer and we’re hooked. Brian fell asleep during the first 2 but I think he’s into it now. We stayed up way too late watching last night, so I’m about to have one FINAL glass of wine (*sob*) and then head to bed.

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