Our Little Project

Soooo this is what we’ve been dealing with this week. Guest room/office before:

Guest room/office after:

It’s like reverse Fixer Upper!

Oh and the hall too…

That tiny, pinhole leak in the wall pipe led to us having to hire a company to pry up half of the floorboards in the guest room and hall, knock out that giant chunk of wall and set up 6 huge industrial fans and a dehumidifier that run 24/7. The fans are called “The Typhoon” if that gives you an indication of how freaking LOUD they are. So now we are tasked with finding matching flooring- which may or may not be impossible- and finding someone to repair the drywall, repaint the room, and re-install the hardwoods. If we can’t find matching hardwoods, they will have to replace the flooring on the entire first floor.


Not going to lie, the past month has pretty much been a giant kick in the nuts. Things better start looking up because my birthday is in 2 weeks and this is just not acceptable.

Moving on!

Tonight for dinner I gave Brian the option of Trader Joe’s chicken tikka samosas (those are SO GOOD) or carnitas tacos. He chose the tacos. Alongside I made a big batch of cilantro-lime cauliflower rice:

No real recipe here, just sauteed the cauli crumbles in coconut oil with minced garlic, salt and pepper. Once the crumbles were tender, I removed the pan from the heat and stirred in a handful of chopped cilantro, the zest of one lime and a bunch of lime juice. Easy peasy.

For the tacos I used low carb tortillas topped with TJ’s carnitas, avocado, lime juice, cilantro and pickled cabbage slaw. They were good but a little dry. Next time I’ll add some salsa verde.

In other news, tomorrow is Friday! And now I’m going to pour myself that glass of wine and watch the Scandal finale.

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