One Dish Dinner

Wow- crazy night, huh? I’ve been glued to the TV all night, and now I’m switching back and forth between WordPress and CNN. Even Jack is into it. I helped my dad babysit for Owen and Stevie tonight, and when I called home to check in Jack gave me a play by play of the results thus far and a mini-lesson on the electoral college.

For dinner tonight I tried a one-pan meal that I’d seen floating around a lot lately- baked chicken with green beans and potatoes.


(It really bothers me that the butter is upside down.)

Basically you just divide a baking dish into thirds: one third beans, one third chicken (I cut three breasts into quarters so they would cook faster), and one third quartered red potatoes. Most of the recipes I came across called for sprinkling an Italian dressing packet over the top, but I had ranch packets on hand so I used that instead. Then you just pour a melted stick of butter over the entire thing, cover with foil and bake at 350 for an hour. I ended up removing the foil and baking uncovered for an additional 5-7 minutes until the potatoes were soft.

Before going in the oven:

After baking:

So. I like the IDEA of this meal. It’s great that it’s all in one pan and only takes a few minutes of prep. I felt that it was a little bland though. Next time I’ll add more seasoning and definitely some salt. Also I’ll probably just cut the chicken in half next time, instead of quarters. The pieces were so small that they cooked too quickly and were a tad dry. I will say that Jack seemed to like it (especially the potatoes). Also, YES that’s a ton of butter- but it keeps the chicken moist (sorry) and most of it stays on the bottom of the pan… unless you spoon it all over your meal. No judgement.

Brian fell asleep at like 8pm on Friday, so I was bored and shuffling through Netflix and stumbled upon Call the Midwife. Are y’all watching this?? I’m hooked. It’s SO good.

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