What A Week

I feel like it’s been a rough week, yes? (Understatement of the century!) Anyone else ready for the weekend?

All of the election drama, Brian’s been working late, Isla threw at LEAST 10 tantrums between pickup and dinner today… and then tonight I finally get the kids fed, assemble my really delicious turkey taco salad:

Sit down at the table to eat, when Jack looks up at me with huge eyes, takes off running for the bathroom, and throws up everywhere.

Poor guy. He was so upset. I feel especially horrible because right before that he was refusing to eat his dinner and kept saying that “something is scratching my throat.” I thought he just wanted to go watch American Ninja Warrior and made some jerk comment about how he either had to finish his dinner or go straight to bed.

Ugh. Anyway, no fever and he seems fine now, so I don’t know if it was something he ate or what. He’s pounding saltines and chugging ginger ale like it’s going out of style, so fingers crossed that whatever it was has passed.

On to happier things! Last night was November book club. This month we read The Life We Bury and I LOVED it. I also loved my cute little wine glass marker, Brad:

I usually bring something sweet but had been wanting to try this baked crab & artichoke dip for a while. The recipe calls for 2 cups of lump crab, but I used a big can of crab claw meat that I found in the seafood section of Trader Joe’s and it worked perfectly. You blend together cream cheese and mayo, then stir in crab meat, garlic, green onions, parmesan and chopped artichoke hearts. I added lemon juice as well. Spread in a pie pan, top with crumbled Ritz crackers and bake:

It’s such a good, cheesy fall dip!

I’ve been going to bed wayyyy to late this week, so hoping to change that tonight. But let’s be honest, I’ll probably be up until midnight reading blogs and watching something worthless on TV. Have a great weekend!

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