Grocery Delivery!

So I gave grocery delivery a shot today! I used Instacart once a few months ago and liked it, but I didn’t want to pony up for the membership fee. This time I used Amazon Prime Now and ordered from Sprouts (it’s free with my Prime membership- though you’re encouraged to tip). I’m a little confused on Amazon Fresh vs. Prime Now. Amazon Fresh costs $15/mo on top of Prime, but I don’t know if it’s worth the extra $$. Anyone tried it? Is there a bigger selection or better prices compared to Prime Now?

This morning I sat down to meal plan, made my grocery list and then entered the order online. They had most of what I was after (3 dinners’ worth, plus a few random items for the kids), but a few things weren’t offered or were considerably more expensive than my usual grocery spots, Target or TJ’s. For example, Applegate turkey deli meat was almost $7/package. I can get that for $5 at Target. And they didn’t carry turkey kielbasa. So while I’ll still be making a grocery run, the list is much, much smaller.

Since you have to be at home to receive perishables (apparently you don’t with Amazon Fresh), I scheduled the groceries to be delivered between 4-6. They arrived around 5:40. One slightly weird thing is that the delivery guy didn’t ring the doorbell. I got a text on my phone that said that my order had arrived, and when I opened the front door the bags were just sitting on the porch.

(See The Flash over there on the left??)

While unloading the bags I realized that a bagged salad mix (that I had paid for) was missing. I also received the wrong kind of parsley, but that’s not a huge deal.

You obviously can’t beat the convenience factor. Another nice little bonus is that it keeps me from wandering around Target and buying everything in the store. For the most part I felt like the Sprouts prices were really reasonable, especially on organic produce and pantry items. I love shopping at Sprouts but the closest one is about 20 minutes away. They’re actually currently building one less than a mile from our house, though, and I’m SO excited.

My plan is to attempt to use this for my big weekly grocery trip. I may try the 30 day trial of Amazon Fresh and if so I’ll let you know how that goes… I’m sure you’re on pins and needles, right?? My goal is to meal plan either Saturday night or Sunday, then submit the order for delivery first thing Sunday or Monday AM.

Sooo… dinner! I made this sausage and lentil chili, but I ended up making it in the Instant Pot instead of on the stove. It turned out great! Ingredients (frozen spinach not pictured):

I sauteed the chicken sweet Italian sausage in the pot, then added the onions and garlic and cooked until the onions were translucent. Then I poured in the remaining ingredients, put the lid on the pot and set it to “soup” for 30 minutes. Once the timer went off, I did a quick release, then added seasonings to taste.

It’s definitely a THICK stew! Topped with parm and parsley:

Delicious and super filling. My new trick is to make a big batch of soup/stew/chili for dinner on Monday and then eat it the rest of the week for lunch.

I was attempting to read on the couch tonight after feeding the kids dinner, but apparently someone wanted some attention.

How could I ignore that face?? My other 2 were immersed in their tablets. I’m glad one of my children still loves me.

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