Girls’ Weekend

This weekend Jack and Brian headed to Oklahoma for a camp out. I’m so glad that they do this because camping is NOT my thing. I love being outdoors, but I have no desire to sleep there, especially in January. Apparently they were in cabins, but still… I’ll take Netflix and my warm bed.

I pretty much let Isla dictate our weekend. Her requests? Mani/pedis, bubble bath, breakfast in bed, and pizza. Done!

Saturday morning breakfast. I’ll admit, it was pretty awesome to just lounge in bed with my coffee. Girlfriend has the right idea…

Nails at “the place with the Hello Kitty chair!” (City Nails in Lakewood if you’re local and have an equally Hello Kitty-obsessed child)

I forgot to snap a pic of her nails, but she was VERY specific: teal blue with sparkles.

On Saturday night she requested pizza, so on a whim we headed to Olive Garden for an early dinner. We never eat there, but it ended up being perfect because it’s 5 minutes from our house, she got what she wanted (she changed her mind at the last minute and went with pasta), and I got my soup, salad and breadsticks. Isla LOVED it and asked if we could go there again tonight. Oh and as a fun coincidence, her friend Addie ended up at the next table- so she was pretty much in heaven.

Jack and Brian got home late this morning, and while girls’ weekend was fun, it’s good to have our boys back. I had big plans to meal prep today but that just didn’t happen. Oh well. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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