Eggless Breakfast

I’m always looking for high protein breakfast ideas that: 1. can be made ahead, and 2. don’t involve eggs. Just not a huge egg fan. They’re fine every once in a while, especially a runny over-easy egg on top of something else, but I’m just never going to get excited about a big plate of scrambled eggs.

When I came across this recipe for one-pan healthy sweet potato hash on Carrots N Cake, it sounded like the perfect make-ahead breakfast. I made a big batch on Monday and then divided it into 4 containers = breakfast all week! It’s REALLY easy if you buy the bag of pre-diced sweet potatoes. I did, but then felt like it needed more potato so I added one more peeled, diced sweet potato to the batch.


I followed the recipe exactly and then seasoned to taste at the end.

My OCD brain loves seeing these containers stacked up in the fridge.

So good! One morning I even got crazy and topped mine with an over-easy egg. I don’t think this is technically a breakfast recipe so this could be an easy lunch or dinner too. Healthy and filling!

We met my dad for dinner at Grub Burger Bar tonight. They’ve changed the menu since the last time I visited. Jack and I shared the roasted brussels sprouts and they were AMAZING. I had the California chicken bowl for my entree and it was pretty fab too- lots of avocado and a really good citrus dressing. Honestly everything I’ve ordered there is great. Their veggie burger is one of my all time faves.

I’ve gone to my new gym three times this week and can barely walk. It takes me like 10 minutes to get down our stairs right now because my quads hurt so freaking bad. And then I see 70 year olds in my class cranking out push ups like they’re nothing. WHY AM I SO WEAK?!

Woohoo tomorrow’s Friday! Have a fun weekend!

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