Weekend Recap

Hey! I feel like I need to bathe my house in Lysol right now. Brian and I are both fighting colds, Jack was up late last night with a weird stomachache (so severe that at one point we were headed out the door to the ER), and Isla has a never-ending runny nose. It’s not pretty. I’m blaming this stupid Texas weather where it’s 40 degrees one day and 80 the next.

Anyway, despite all that we had a fun weekend! Jack had his 7 year checkup on Friday afternoon, which unfortunately ended with flu shots (I’m so late- I know, I know). The kids fought over who would go first, Jack crouched down behind a chair in the corner and I had to drag him out for the shot, and the nurse and I had to literally hold Isla down on the table to give her hers. Needless to say mama needed a cocktail after that one. We headed to my one of my faves, La Calle Doce for dinner. Ceviche, corn tortillas and a margarita made it all better.

On Saturday night I had a moms’ night out with some friends. We had dinner at Rapscallion, spent the night at Hotel ZaZa and then headed to brunch at Mudhen the next morning.

My cornmeal crusted catfish at Rapscallion. SO good, but the real highlight was the homemade biscuits. They were so fluffy and the accompanying jam was amazing.

My friend Leigh Ann had been wanting to get her nose pierced for a while, so five moms showed up at the tattoo/piercing parlor after dinner. I’m guessing we’re not their usual crowd? I was the designated hand-holder and watched the whole thing. Um, OUCH. That’s a big ol’ needle. But Leigh Ann was a champ and didn’t even flinch.

Crack coffee at Mudhen the next AM. The cure for what ails you.

Got back home early Sunday afternoon, ran a few errands, then headed to a friend’s for a Superbowl Party. A pretty fun weekend! Now if we can all just get healthy again…

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