Instant Pot Coconut Chicken

I pulled out the ol’ Instant Pot for dinner tonight. A while back I found this recipe for Thai coconut chicken and finally gave it a shot. It cooks really fast (12 minutes!) BUT you have to make the sauce ahead of time and then give the chicken at least 3 hours to marinate. So keep that in mind. Also I had to go to two stores to find the Stubb’s pork marinade called for in the recipe- Whole Foods had it, Super Target didn’t.

I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs. The recipe said to broil the chicken for a few minutes IF you use skin-on thighs. I skipped that since mine were skinless, but the chicken in the recipe looked so much better than mine… so if I make this again I’m going that route.

Served with cilantro-lime cauliflower rice and pickled vegetable salad.

It was pretty good but didn’t knock my socks off. The marinade is great though! I bet it would be perfect for grilled chicken- it just got kind of watery in the pressure cooker. Oh well.

Short post tonight because I’m BEAT. Catch y’all tonight!

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