Mondays Be Crazy

I’ve been running around like a maniac today- gym this morning, Valentine errands, grocery shopping, parent-teacher conference for Isla, soccer practice for Jack, dinner, homework… Mondays be crazy.

First things first. On Friday Jack competed in an academic fair with all of the local Catholic schools. He competed in the first grade math division and won third place!! He’s been preparing for months (worksheets… SO MANY WORKSHEETS) so it was awesome to see all of his hard work pay off.

As I mentioned, today was nuts. I grabbed a rotisserie chicken at Central Market and planned to have that for dinner with a bagged salad (exciting, I know)- but when I pulled out the salad at 7pm I realized that it had gone south a few days ago. Womp womp. SO we decided to save the chicken for later and ordered Halal Guys from Caviar. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE meal delivery apps??

Halal Guys has been on my list for a while, but the first Dallas location was pretty inconvenient. The 2nd is much closer to our house but every time I drive by there’s a huge line. I ordered the small chicken plate, which comes with chicken, rice, lettuce, tomatoes and pita bread:

Brian had tried it already and raved about the white sauce. Apparently in the restaurant they just walk around and with the sauce and offer to add it to your food, but when you have it delivered, they send these big packets. Um, HOLY CALORIES?! That’s basically an entire meal.

I ended up topping mine with red wine vinegar and just a teeeeeeeeny bit of the white sauce. Lordy.

Verdict? Pretty dang good! The meat reminded me more of pulled pork than chicken, which is weird but I’ll take it. Loved the rice and the bread (obviously, carbs). The small size was perfect. Brian ordered a gyro plate in the regular size- here’s how they compare:

Off to assemble Valentines!

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