Cheater Chicken

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Hope all of you had a fabulous v-day. We have a date night on Friday to celebrate, so last night was pretty low key. We grabbed Tex-Mex at Desperado’s (because tacos = love) and then watched This Is Us on the couch after the kids went to bed. SO exciting.

Today I chaperoned a field trip for Jack’s class. We saw Junie B. Jones at the Dallas Children’s Theater and it was really cute- I kind of want to go back again and take Isla. We really need to just bite the bullet and buy season tickets. Jack & the Beanstalk is coming in March and Jack is already begging to go. Anyway field trips are awesome but those bus rides were WAY more fun 20+ (ugh, more like 25??) years ago. My ears are still ringing.

On Monday I picked up a lemon-rosemary rotisserie chicken at Central Market, and that poor guy was still sitting in the fridge tonight. I ended up ransacking the fridge for veggies I could roast and came up with half an onion, a bag of baby carrots, 2 sweet potatoes and a sad bag of brussels sprouts. I chopped all of those, drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with salt/pepper/garlic powder/onion powder/rosemary and threw them in the oven at 450. OH I also threw in some unpeeled garlic cloves! Roasted garlic is always a good thing, especially if you have good bread to smear it on (which I didn’t, so I just ate them straight like a boss).

After about 10-15 minutes, I took the veggies out and nestled the chicken in the middle. Put back in the oven for about 15 more minutes. I wish I’d taken a pic because it was really pretty and smelled AMAZING. So basically it was like I’d spent hours on this beautiful roasted chicken, with barely any of the work.

My not-so-pretty plate. But it tasted good! The chicken juices (gross, sorry) helped season the veggies even more.

Catch y’all tomorrow!

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