Instant Pot Chili

This week is causing me major anxiety- just a lot of meetings, school obligations, kids’ activities, etc. Part of me is really ready for summer and not having a schedule (remind me of this in July when I’m going nuts trying to entertain these two, ha).

Today I had cafeteria duty at school, which is always fun. The kids are hilarious. One of the kindergartners talked to me for a good 5 minutes about how he prefers his Go-Gurts frozen and not just chilled. Don’t we all?? And I love getting the chance to eat lunch with Jack. I’m sure his excitement at having mom at school is short lived so gotta take advantage while it lasts…

A few weeks ago I made a recipe for black bean chili that came from Target (see that post here). It was delicious but I hated having to brown the turkey, remove it from the pan, then cook the sweet potatoes. Too many steps. So tonight I tried it in the Instant Pot and it was SO MUCH BETTER.

(The original recipe doesn’t call for meat but I added it to up the protein.)


I heated a little olive oil in the IP on saute mode, added the ground turkey and cooked through. Then I just dumped in the bag of raw sweet potatoes, black beans (drained/rinsed), corn (drained), Frontera skillet sauce, diced tomatoes and 2 cups of chicken broth. Set the IP to manual for 20 minutes and walked away. That’s IT.

The sweet potatoes were perfectly cooked and I didn’t have to sit there and babysit them on the stove while they browned. Plus it all cooks in one pot and you can skip the “brown and remove the meat” part. We topped ours with shredded cheese, diced avocado and Greek yogurt.

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Wednesday- I guess that’s the advantage to having a busy week!! Friday comes faster!

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