Cabbage Roll Bowls

Thanks for all of the podcast recommendations!! I’ve added them to my subscription list and look forward to being really unproductive in the next few weeks, ha.

Monday dinners are tricky because Jack has soccer from 5:45-dark, so we don’t get home until after 7- and of course the kids are starving. I planned to try a new soup recipe but ran out of time, so instead I made these un-stuffed cabbage bowls that were intended for later in the week. I made them in the Instant Pot, but kind of had to do it in steps. I cooked the beef/spices/tomatoes/raisins (I know- sounds weird, right??) on high pressure for 15 minutes before soccer, then let the pressure naturally release while we were gone. Then when we got home I added the cabbage and rice, cooked at high pressure for another 3 minutes, then quick released.

I served it to Jack, and he sniffed his bowl and goes, “Well it smells a lot better than it looks.” Ha! But yeah. It tastes better than it looks, too. At first I wished it had a little more tomato flavor, but by the end it had grown on me. And Jack and Brian both loved it, too. It’s just a good easy, hearty meal for busy weeknights. If you want to cut carbs you could leave out the rice or use cauli rice instead. Or sub ground turkey if you want to avoid red meat.

Okay that’s all I got! Anyone else watching Big Little Lies? I read the book a while back and loved it, them immediately forgot basically everything about the story line (this happens to me with EVERY book and movie- anyone else??). Mom brain problems.

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