Weekend Recap

I had dinner all planned out tonight, but then life got crazy. Jack had soccer practice from 5:45-7, and I spent the half hour before practice (when I intended to get dinner started in the Instant Pot) scrambling to find a pair of soccer socks and shin guards. Also I planned on making pork ragu and Brian reminded me that he gave up red meat for Lent… which is what I had planned for TWO of the three dinners I’m cooking this week.

Also AT&T is digging cables in my FRONT YARD and blocking the entire street in front of my house, so I had to park way down the block and make like 20 trips back and forth from the car to get my 400 bags of groceries into the house.

Can you tell it’s Monday??

On a lighter note, we actually had a really fun weekend! On Friday Isla had soccer practice and then we had dinner at the Knights of Columbus fish fry (wild night!). My parents kept the kids on Saturday night so we could go to the Exchange Club auction. It was at Gilley’s downtown and we had so much fun! I wish I had more pics but it was dark and they all came out grainy…

On Sunday my mom took Isla to the ballet, so Brian and I took Jack to see the Lego Batman Movie at Alamo Drafthouse. I’ll admit that I wasn’t super excited to see that one (and the first 10 minutes? Holy over-stimulation) but it was actually really cute and funny.

Ok random Trader Joe’s find! Anyone tried this tomato-feta soup? It’s in the refrigerated case near the hummus and dips. SO GOOD. It’s more tomato-y than creamy, which I actually like.

Ok Brian is waiting on me to watch Big Little Lies so I better run. Any other Trader Joe’s finds I should know about??

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