Pork Ragu and Happy Early St. Patty’s Day

So tonight I finally got around to making the dinner I intended for Monday… and then Tuesday…

Skinnytaste Instant Pot pork ragu! It was really easy to throw together BUT it cooks for 45 minutes in the pressure cooker (longer for stove top or crock pot), and that doesn’t count the time it takes for the pot to come to pressure. And then at the end the recipe suggests a natural pressure release rather than a quick release, so that’s another 30-ish minutes. So in total I would say this “cooks” for an hour and a half, give or take. It’s a good one to start in the afternoon and then just let it hang out in the IP until dinner.


Pork tenderloin, crushed tomatoes, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, roasted red peppers and parsley.

You saute crushed garlic cloves in oil for a minute, then remove the garlic from the pot and brown both sides of the pork (I cut mine in half so it would fit better). Then add all of the ingredients- garlic included- to the pot and cook at high pressure for 45 minutes.

Brian gave up red meat for Lent and this wasn’t done in time to feed to Jack (I know better than to attempt to feed it to Isla), so I was the only one having this for dinner. I had it over butternut squash noodles:

So good!! The sauce is nice and thick. The roasted red pepper flavor is pretty strong, so keep that in mind if you make this. The taste actually reminds me a lot of chicken cacciatore, but with pulled pork instead of chicken. Next time I might throw in some mushrooms.

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ll leave you with this. Jack brought home a St. Patrick’s Day craft from school, and it’s a little disturbing. MORE disturbing is how Brian stuck it to my closet mirror at some point and scared the bejeezus out of me this morning.

I have so many questions. Why are his eyes red? And how did Jack know to draw those squiggly lines around them to make him look extra cracked out? I think our whole family is scarred by this guy. Isla keeps asking Alexa if leprechauns are real, haha.

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