Spring Breakers

Hey! Well we’re officially on spring break here! And by “here” I mean at our house, not Disneyworld or some fab ski vacation. But I mean we did go to IKEA last night, so there’s that…

We’ve had a fun, low-key weekend. Isla had soccer practice on Friday night and we grabbed dinner at La Calle Doce after. Perfect for our meat-free Fridays- I’ve said it before but they have the best ceviche in town. Then on Saturday we took the kids to brunch at Breadwinner’s and let the kids run around in the Northpark courtyard while we enjoyed our beverages- mimosa for me and this cinnamon toast milk punch (omg) for Brian:

He swore it tasted good, but I couldn’t deal with the idea of soggy cereal in my cocktail. Anyway, I’m so glad we took advantage of the patio weather because it the temps dropped like crazy on Saturday afternoon. It must have been close to 80 when we were eating brunch, and by Saturday night it was in the 40′s. Texas be crazy.

Tonight we had a little pizza picnic in the living room at watched The BFG. Jack just finished the book and has been dying to see the movie. We still have about 40 minutes left but so far they both seem to like it! I’m just excited that he’s into Roald Dahl books. They were always my favorite.

I’m planning to take the kids to the lake tomorrow and probably won’t be posting. The internet there is pretty spotty. But I’ll be back in a couple of days- hope everyone is having a fun spring break!!

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