Spring Break 2017

On Monday I loaded the kids (& Chloe) up and headed down to our lake house. I initially planned on coming home Wednesday, but we were having so much fun that we ended up spending another night. There’s just something about not having to grocery shop, meal plan, do laundry… and the kids are SO happy just to run around outside. Plus all of our friends were out of town, so it was pretty much a win-win.

Having a little kinetic sand fun on the porch:

My mom and I took them to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler on Tuesday. I didn’t even know that Tyler, TX had a zoo! And it’s a really good one, too! It’s the perfect size for little kids. Not so huge that they’re exhausted walking around it, and it has all of the animals you want to see- lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, rhino, monkeys, lots of creepy snakes. Honestly though the kids favorite part was the parakeet exhibit. There are hundreds of little birds flying around this enclosure and you can walk inside and feed them. Both kids managed to get birds perched on their seed sticks (and Jack had one on his hand):

I don’t even like birds, but these were really cute.

The East TX azaleas are GORGEOUS right now:

On the way home we stopped at Miranda Lambert’s store, Pink Pistol, in Lindale (her home town). I honestly couldn’t tell you ONE Miranda Lambert song, but Isla was thrilled with the all-pink store.

Yesterday was pretty low-key. The kids played outside a lot, we took them on a golf cart ride, colored, went for a walk and just hung out. My dad and Brian came down after work and my dad grilled steaks while the kids watched Moana for the 50th time. Then today my mom and I took the kids on a quick trip to Canton and then headed home.

I’m really sad that spring break is almost over! It’s been so nice not having a schedule and I can tell the kids love having more time to play together. It seems like we have so little free time during the school week. But at least summer is coming soon…

We have a busy weekend ahead- 2 soccer games, birthday party, and I’m going to see The Fitness Marshall on Saturday afternoon (obsessed). Happy almost Friday!

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