Paleo Naan

Tonight I planned a low key dinner- leftover slow cooker Brunswick stew and salad. The kids ate their dinner early and then ran outside to play on the trampoline, so I took advantage of the few peaceful minutes and decided to try a new recipe that I’d stumbled across online: 3-ingredient paleo naan. It really is just three ingredients: canned coconut milk, tapioca flour and almond flour. Oh and I added a pinch of salt too.

Just whisk everything together. I had to whisk my coconut milk first because it came out of the can separated. Annoying.

Heat a skillet over medium heat, then once it’s hot drop batter by 1/4 cups onto the skillet. Cook for a few minutes per side. It’s a *little* tricky to gauge the time. I undercooked my first naan, and while the outside was crispy the inside was really raw and gooey. After the first one I got the hang of it. My batch made 6 pieces of naan.

SO GOOD. Seriously I’m so excited about this recipe. Isla was sitting on the counter while I cooked and asked if she could try one… and she ate the entire thing! For those of you who know her, you realize this is HUGE. The girl eats nothing. I just ate mine plain alongside my soup, but they would be awesome with butter or even Nutella. I love that it has a hint of coconut flavor.

I had to fast this morning because I had my 2 month fitness test at the gym at 9:00, then stayed for a class at 10, so by 11 I was starving and desperate for caffeine. I feel like I’ve been dragging all day- mama needs her morning coffee!! Ok that’s all I’ve got. Is it Friday yet?

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