Weekend Recap

Jack ran into our room this morning really excited because he just pulled out another tooth! His first one on the top and he looks so cute with that gap-toothed smile:

We had a really fun and actually pretty relaxing weekend. Isla’s soccer practice was cancelled on Friday so the kids and I headed over to visit my mom after school. Brian ended up meeting us there and we just picked up Thai for dinner on the way home. Our only soccer game this weekend was Sunday evening, so we took advantage of a rare commitment-free Saturday. I cleaned the house Saturday morning while Brian and the kids took my car to be inspected. That afternoon we took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast at Alamo Drafthouse. I LOVED it- there were some scary/intense parts for the kids and Isla jumped in my lap several times, but they both seemed to love it too. Such a good movie!

Today we ran a few errands, headed to Jack’s soccer game this evening and then grabbed dinner after at Modern Market (can’t beat kids eat free on Sundays AND $2 glasses of wine). I had the half wintergreen salad and the half hot honey pizza. The pizza was really interesting- it was SPICY, weirdly from the hot honey drizzle on top. It was a little messy but I’d get it again. I love anything with goat cheese.

Ok I’m all geared up to watch Big Little Lies, but we’re supposed to have bad weather tonight so I’m praying our DirecTV doesn’t go out. #firstworldproblems

Catch y’all tomorrow!

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