Taco Tuesday

I read an article about meal planning recently that said you should plan on Friday, shop on Saturday and prep on Sunday. This is my new goal because lately I’ve been waiting until Sunday to even think about planning, can’t make it to the grocery store until Monday, and then it just all goes out the window once the week starts and we’re dealing with soccer practices, dance, homework, etc. I did manage to prep a few things after the gym today, including some chicken breasts (from frozen to shredded in less than an hour- thanks Instant Pot!) that I used for our dinner tonight.

I’ve seen the whole oven-baked taco technique pop up on several blogs, but this was the first time I actually tried it. I used this recipe for BBQ pineapple baked chicken tacos, mainly because I thought it sounded pretty kid-friendly (and red meat free for Brian). The recipe suggested Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, but that stuff is sooooo sweet. I ended up using my ol’ standby, Stubb’s, instead. It’s a *little* spicy but the pineapple juice mellows it out quite a bit.

Stand & Stuff shells filled with a mixture of shredded chicken, BBQ sauce, diced green onions and pineapple. Topped with Mexican blend cheese (because I don’t like swiss) and baked:

Pretty good! Definitely sweet but I love the technique- the shells are crunchy and you can churn out a whole batch of tacos at once. Next time I’m going to try it with ground turkey.

With my fave pickled veggie salad (Smitten Kitchen… I can make this in my sleep now):

This week has me so tired- probably because I keep staying up way too late reading. Our book club is reading Dark Matter this month and it’s giving me the WEIRDEST dreams.

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2 Responses to Taco Tuesday

  1. Gina Niesman says:

    Looks like your tacos turned out great. They look delicious.

  2. Marie says:

    I’m not the only person that is obsessed with all things pickled!

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