Laziest Dinner

By Thursday night I am so over the whole dinner thing. I was so so so tempted to just hit the Chick Fil A drive thru after ballet, but it was only 4:15… and even I can’t justify a 4pm dinner. I mean, I probably could but then I’d just have to feed them again in three hours, so what’s the point?

ANYWAY. The kids got mini corn dogs for dinner. Brian got home late and then the kids needed baths, so he and I didn’t eat until almost 9. I made another batch of that slow cooker Brunswick stew earlier this week, though this time I used chicken thighs instead of pork (I like the pork version better, for the record). We heated that up for our dinner, and alongside I had my newest weird creation:

Ok bear with me. I found this olive cream cheese at Target and got really excited:

So for snacks/easy meals, I spread the cream cheese on a low-carb tortilla, top with turkey and a spear of pickled asparagus (from Costco- I’m obsessed). Then roll up and slice. It’s SO GOOD. I also bought jalapeno cream cheese so I’m excited to try that too.

Also, for any other lovers-of-all-things-briny, these are great. They’re near the olives and pickles at Trader Joe’s:

Well that’s all I’ve got. Tortilla roll-ups and pickled things… on a paper plate. Because it’s been a long week.

Happy almost Friday!!

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  1. Gina Niesman says:

    Can’t wait to make roll ups!!

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