Weekend Recap

Hey hey! I always breathe a little sigh of relief once Monday is over. We have soccer practice until 7, meaning we eat at 7:30 and Jack is still doing his homework right now- at 8:30. It’s rush week at the gym too, so my workout was 90 minutes instead of the usual 50 this morning, and then I ran to Target to do our grocery shopping for the week. Basically I want to crawl into bed right. now.

Fun weekend! I met Brian for lunch at a new restaurant near our house, Cinco Taco Bar. It was so good! They have a TON of tacos to choose from- I ended up with one ribeye taco and one pork (can’t remember which pork taco but it had pineapple):

I also tried their skinny margarita- it was good but not sweet at all. Like straight tequila and lime juice. But it did taste really fresh (and I saw the bartender juicing a huge pile of limes). The drink menu was pretty impressive. I have my eye on the strawberry-jalapeno margarita for next time.

My dad worked his last day on Friday! After 40+ years at the same firm, he’s officially retired! We celebrated dad at Times Ten on Saturday… loved this photo of baby lawyer Ken (I’ve definitely seen Jack make this same face):

My cute parents…

We’re so proud of him!!

Ugh- so on a side note, our babysitter no-showed us on Saturday. Thank god for my awesome friend Lauren who totally saved the day and let the kids come hang out. We’re so spoiled having my parents live nearby- good sitters are HARD to find.

Ok I’m going to drag myself upstairs (so sore!!) and attempt to finish our book club book. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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