Lemon Ricotta Cookies

Hey! Sorry for not posting last night. The first problem was that I was having blog issues (something about script executions…?) and the host suspended service on my blog for a few hours. Then we got home from dinner and I was on the floor playing with Chloe when I started feeling SUPER dizzy. Like really bad vertigo to the point where Brian had to help me stand up. And then when I stood up I immediately felt nauseous and spent the next half hour throwing up. It was exactly like a couple of months ago when I thought I had food poisoning, but this time I still felt dizzy when I woke up this morning. So now I’m wondering if it could be something else- like maybe an inner ear issue or even some type of migraine?? Obviously I consulted Dr. Google. And no I’m not pregnant. Poor Brian had to get the kids up and ready for school on his own… I slept for a couple more hours and woke up feeling fine. Sorry for the super long story, but there you go.

Tonight is book club and I was wracking my brain trying to think of something to bring. Then I opened the fridge and saw a big bag of Meyer lemons that I bought yesterday at TJ’s = Giada’s lemon ricotta cookies! I’ve made these many times before and they are definitely a fave. The cookies are almost cake-like and the glaze is soooooo good.

Jadeite, ranunculus and Meyer lemons… a few of my favorite things…

(Not a favorite thing? That fug countertop.)

I used part-skim ricotta instead of whole and I really don’t think it makes a difference. I do wish I’d doubled the glaze, but otherwise they turned out great! You just have to give them a few minutes to cool before icing, and then after that the glaze needs a couple of hours to set up. So just keep that in mind if you make them.

OK there’s a great spring dessert for you! Catch y’all tomorrow.

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