Weekend Recap

Sunday night again, but at least the kids have a short week- half day Thursday, then off Friday, Monday AND Tuesday. I can’t believe we’re getting this close to the end of the school year!!!

Busy weekend. I mean, the KIDS were busy. Brian and I just spend all of our time shuttling them to their various activities and social engagements. Isla had soccer practice on Friday afternoon, then we grabbed dinner with friends after at Atomic Pie. This was my first time dining in (we used to order their pizza constantly until they stopped delivering, wah). I was so impressed! The dining room is great and the menu was surprisingly large- pasta, fish, salads, lots of appetizers, and of course pizza. And a full bar! After dinner we walked next door to the Lake Highlands Creamery and saw no fewer than 10 friends. I love our little neighborhood, and I REALLY love that we’re getting so many new shops and restaurants. Finally!

Saturday was all about soccer. Jack had a game at noon, Isla had team pics at noon and then a game at 1. Her coach is out of town so Brian helped coach this weekend. Bless him for having the patience to coach a bunch of 4 and 5 year old girls, because I definitely could not do it. It’s basically herding cats.

Isla did score her first goal!! She was so excited. She kicked the ball into the goal and then immediately looked at the ref and asked, “Was that me??” Ha.

On Saturday night Brian and Isla went to the Rangers game with one of her friends, so Jack and I had a little mommy-son date. Well that was the idea at least. I told him to pick where he wanted to go, and he asked if we could just order in and watch a movie instead. When I asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to go somewhere??” his answer was that he didn’t feel like putting shoes on. Hello mini-Brian. So we had Royal Thai delivered by Favor and watched Sing. Not the most exciting night but he seemed pretty happy.

Today Jack had a birthday party, we did a little plant shopping at Home Depot, and that was basically it. Brian and the kids are attempting a vegetable garden, and I’m just going to stay out of it since I tend to kill anything green.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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