Easter 2017

Well we’re still riding out the Easter holiday over here. The kids don’t go back to school until Wednesday! I love having them home, but I’ve gotten so used to having time during the day to get stuff done that right now my house is a complete disaster and we had zero food until I ran to Super Target at 9:00 tonight. It poured rain from about noon to 7, so other than a quick trip to the trampoline park (we got SOAKED running to the car after), we hunkered down at home in our PJ’s and watched movies. It was pretty great.

The rest of the break has been fun. I went up to the school on Thursday morning to hide eggs for the pre-k egg hunt. Isla’s class was adorable and SO excited:

Thursday afternoon I piled the kids & Chloe in the car and headed to the lake. It was gorgeous the entire time we were there- they rode their bikes, played baseball, cooked s’mores over a bonfire (actually that was kind of a disaster- both Brian and Isla were stung by hornets), rode around on the golf cart. My parents came down Thursday evening as well and then Brian met us down there Friday night. We arrived about an hour before my mom & dad, so the kids and I grabbed dinner at the country club behind their house. It was so nice out- the kids ran around on the golf course while I kicked up my feet and waited on the food. Pretty perfect.

(They kept getting stuck in that tree…)

We stayed until Saturday afternoon and then headed home to get ready for Easter. On Sunday we did the Easter bunny thing and then headed to church:

They look sweet, right? That was right before Brian and I spent an hour wrestling Isla during church. She was slamming the kneeler down, standing on the pew, talking, harassing Jack, and of course demanded to go potty literally as the priest was walking in to start the service. Oy. Next year her class will go to church once a month with the rest of the school, and all I can say is GOOD LUCK to her kindergarten teacher.

We grabbed brunch after church (bottomless mimosas were necessary after that disaster) and then headed to my parents’ at 4 to celebrate Easter with them. Brian made a bunch of deviled eggs to take over there and I made my favorite spicy BBQ beans with kale. I think Brian, my mom and I were the only ones to touch the beans, which is fine by me because I’ll eat them for lunch all week! They are so good.

There’s our Easter weekend for you! Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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