So obviously this was the most important thing that happened today:

Unicorn Frappuccinos! We went through Starbucks after school, and judging from the drive-thru line, so did everyone else in Dallas. I had them split a tall for the kids. Verdict? Isla loved it, Jack not so much. I tried a sip and it just tasted really sweet to me, though there’s a blue drizzle of something super sour in there as well.

Our workout this AM kicked my butt (12 minutes of crab walks!) and then I spent from about 10:30-1 cleaning the house. We also hit up Central Market for groceries after school, so by the time we got home I was way too tired for a complicated dinner. I actually picked up one of the “Kids Dinner for 2″ bags at CM- who knew they had these?? Genius. It came with really good chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, baby carrots and rolls. Of course Isla refused to touch anything but the roll so she had bread and watermelon for dinner. Sigh.

Brian had a meeting tonight, so it was just me for dinner. I ended up throwing together a quick chicken salad using some chicken breasts I cooked in the Instant Pot earlier this week. I don’t have a super exact recipe for you, but it was basically 1 lb of shredded chicken, about 1.5 cups of nonfat Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup of mayo (it definitely could have used more but we ran out), diced water chestnuts, diced apple, sliced almonds, a handful of dried cherries, a few spoonfuls of McClure’s pickle relish (and some of the juice- it’s SO GOOD), garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. It made a huge bowl so I’ll have that for lunch for the rest of the week.


Served over baby spinach:

Notice the fancy paper plate- that’s how I roll.

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