Make-Ahead Monday

Thanks to a whole bunch of rain, our packed-full weekend opened up quite a bit- THREE cancelled soccer games. It’s kind of a bummer because their practices and games keep getting rained out (spring sports in TX!), but it was nice to have some unexpected downtime after a busy week.

Luckily today was gorgeous so Jack’s soccer practice was a go. Practice usually runs until 7 so I’m always scrambling to figure out dinner on Monday nights. This morning I prepped the ingredients for Skinnytaste’s Instant Pot Cabbage Bowls, cooked it in the IP around 4 (the cook time is only 18 minutes, minus the time it takes to come to pressure), then let it hang in there on the Keep Warm setting until we got home.


I left out the rice to cut carbs a little, and reduced the beef broth to 1/2 cup since there was no rice to absorb it. It was still pretty liquid-y so next time I may just use 1/4 cup.


(Ugh the lighting difference in my kitchen from afternoon to evening!! Drives me crazy!)

I’ve made this recipe before and it was just as good as last time. Not the prettiest meal but it’s simple, healthy and filling. And the leftovers are even better!

Brian and I got hooked on Thirteen Reasons Why this weekend and have been binge watching for the past 2 nights. Anyone else? Also I finished S-Town last week and am really sad that it’s over. SO well done and I loved the ending too. I kind of expected it to leave me hanging like Serial but I thought they tied it up nicely.

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