Ballet All Day

It has been a CRAZY weekend! Watch out, this is probably going to be a long one…

Brian and Jack were on a campout Friday-Sunday, so it was just the girls for most of the weekend. I woke up Friday morning, climbed into Isla’s bed to snuggle/wake her up and immediately felt super dizzy. This is the third time this has happened in the past couple of months. The first time I thought I had food poisoning, the 2nd time I attributed it to a migraine, but when it happened again I knew something weird was up. It’s the same story every time- I get crazy vertigo when lying down, sit up and get even dizzier (like can’t even walk in a straight line), then within a minute or two begin throwing up uncontrollably. It’s horrible. Luckily Brian was home and got the kids ready for school, I threw up, went back to sleep, woke up and still had vertigo. My mom came over around noon, talked me into making a doctor’s appt, I attempted to shower (throwing up before AND after the shower), and she drove me to the doctor because there was no way I could drive myself. The doctor explained that the dizziness was caused by a migration of calcium crystals into the canals of the inner ear, which throws off your balance. It’s called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, in case you’re curious. She said that it was probably exacerbated by dehydration (we were literally running to activities until 7pm Thursday night so I had a LOT of caffeine the day before, plus working out and probably not hydrating properly) and did these weird head and neck manipulations to reposition the crystals. She started on the right side and I sat up and immediately threw up basically on the doctor. Then she worked on the left side and I felt 90% better when she finished. No dizziness, just weak from not eating or drinking all day. SO WEIRD. She also did blood work to make sure that my thyroid medication doesn’t need to be recalibrated (I was diagnosed as hypothyroid last summer), but so far- fingers crossed- I’ve felt great all weekend. I’ve been chugging water because that was the freaking worst feeling ever.

The rest of the weekend was MUCH better, thank goodness. Isla and I took it easy on Friday night and ordered Fireside Pies from Favor. Then on Saturday she had her ballet recital pics, I took her to get a pedicure, we met my parents for lunch, then spent the afternoon/evening at a friend’s house with other moms and kids whose dads/older sibs were on the camp out.

Today was allllllll about ballet! Isla had rehearsal this morning, then we came home for lunch and to meet up with Brian and Jack, then back to SMU late this afternoon for her recital.

OMG. Isla. I was DYING during her performance. She sort of half did the dance/half did her own thing. Like throwing in some spin moves, standing wherever the heck she wanted to and doing the most dramatic exit ever (she was the last to leave the stage). It was hysterical and I am so mad that they didn’t let us shoot video (though we did order one, so at least I’ll have that to show at her wedding someday).

I had so much fun with her this weekend. She drives me crazy sometimes (STUBBORN) but she is really just so funny, sweet and helpful. And she’s come out of her shell lately in that she wants to talk to anyone and everyone about everything. The poor ladies at the nail salon got a major earful on Saturday.

OK I’ve been typing forever and I’m pretty sure Brian has already passed out on the couch. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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