Memorial Day 2017

I really couldn’t have asked for a better weekend: friends, lots of family time, swimming, hanging out at the lake, great food, some R&R. It was the perfect little preview for summer… and now we just have to get through TWO (one for Isla) more days of school!!

So Friday was my birthday. We did an early birthday dinner with my family on Wednesday, then on Thursday night Brian and I had a party to attend for some of our realtor friends. When we got home that night, our front yard was covered in 35 bright pink plastic flamingos, courtesy of my awesome book club/playgroup friends, along with a card and a super sweet gift. It was amazing! I kind of want to leave them out there year-round.

Friday itself was pretty low key- I met Brian for lunch at our favorite ramen place, Wabi House, then took the kids to a playdate after school. One of Jack’s oldest friends is moving to the suburbs and we are SO sad to see them go! We capped off the bday by meeting friends for dinner at Smoky Rose (new BBQ joint- fun place and great food) and then out for drinks after.

On Saturday we packed up and headed to the lake for the weekend. We got there late that afternoon but still had time for a quick first swim of the season. On Sunday we made a mini road trip to Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom.

Jack LOVED picking berries and kept thanking us for taking him there. Isla was totally over it about 5 minutes in and spent the rest of the visit complaining that there was stuff in her shoe and freaking out over ants. Good times! But it was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect- we had some pretty strong storms later Sunday afternoon but it stayed overcast and cool while we were picking.

Best reward ever? Fresh blueberry fro-yo.

Today we spent most of the day at the pool. The water was FREEZING so I let Brian take over swim duty until the sun came out. The kids had a blast.

(Don’t worry, he did NOT drive us to the pool…)

They basically had the whole pool to themselves this morning, probably because we were the only people crazy enough to get in that frigid water. Even the lifeguard was like, “NOPE!”

We ended up swimming for over 4 hours, so not surprisingly they both passed out as soon as we headed home, slept through the entire drive, then slept on the couch at home for another hour until I woke them for dinner. Win!

So there’s our weekend! And now I’m catching up on lots and lots of laundry…

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