Ham & Cheese Tart

Well I headed to the gym today for the first time since Thursday and pretty much died. Punishment for a weekend full of good food, cocktails, and basically anything fun. Dangit.

Today was Isla’s last day of school!! My baby is a kindergartner! We have her prek picnic tomorrow and after that it’s SUMMER for her… Jack has a regular day of school tomorrow and then like an hour (annoying) on Thursday.

We had a playdate after school today and the kids ended up eating dinner at our friends’ house. I needed to run to Trader Joe’s after that so we didn’t get home until after 7. Brian and I were both exhausted so I grabbed the easiest option I could find out of the freezer:

Ham and gruyere tart from TJ’s. The box says 4 servings but it’s pretty tiny. I would say that this serves two for dinner if you pair it with a salad like we did… though I’m not going to lie, I definitely could have eaten that whole tart myself.

Served with my recent fave summery salad- butter lettuce, red onions, strawberries, avocado, blue cheese and poppy seed dressing.

Not too shabby for about 10 minutes of work!! The tart is actually really good and I’m not even a huge ham & cheese person. I think it would be fab paired with tomato soup, too- something to cut the creaminess maybe? A great option to keep on hand for nights when you just. can’t. even.

I have a feeling we’ll have a few of those this summer…

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