Meal Prep Sunday

I’m really starting to dig this summer break thing. Here it is Sunday night, and I’m not frantically tracking down school uniforms to wash, realizing at 9pm that we’re out of turkey for sandwiches, looking for library books to return… it’s pretty awesome. We had a great weekend, too. We did our usual Friday night tex-mex routine, then rushed home before it started pouring outside and caught up on Catastrophe and Scandal. Saturday was a little crazy- Isla had a swim party that morning and then we had another fun b-day party late Saturday afternoon. We ended up grabbing dinner with friends after the party (more tex-mex, ha).

Today was really productive, which was NEEDED after the past few weeks. Life has been so crazy with trips, my birthday and end of school year stuff- the house was a wreck. Also, in all the chaos I’d really fallen off the wagon with meal prep and eating healthy (see: Mexican food twice in one weekend). Luckily we managed to get the house pretty much cleaned up and did a big Costco trip too. I spent a little over an hour tonight prepping- which is nothing- and now I’m all set for breakfast, lunch and snacks for the week. Ahhhh…

Ok, so for breakfast I did my usual overnight oats: 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup skim milk, 1 Tbs chia seeds, handful of blueberries (from what we picked last weekend!). Shake up in a jar and store in the fridge. When it’s time to eat, top with honey, granola, nuts, etc.

For lunches I cut up a rotisserie chicken from Costco and divided the breast meat into 5 containers (3 oz of chicken each). I roasted a bunch of chopped asparagus (drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with seasoned salt) and divided that among the containers too. Finally I mixed up a couple of these quinoa, artichoke and roasted red pepper cups- also from Costco:

Then poured half the cup into each container.

At lunch I’ll just heat these up and maybe sprinkle with a little feta and balsamic.

Every day after I leave the gym, I stop at Starbucks on the way home and order a tall plain cold brew in a venti cup. Then I pour one of those chocolate Premier Protein shakes into the coffee and mix together. SO GOOD. It’s filling and the perfect little pick me up. I get a big box of the shakes at Costco (Brian does this with coffee too, but he likes the vanilla shakes better) and then grab one every morning before heading out.

And finally cut up some strawberries and limes for infused water. I already had watermelon and mint in the fridge for this too- it’s a great way to use up that fruit that’s starting to look a little sad… i.e., the stuff Isla would immediately demand that I remove from her plate. I also picked up a box of that Watermelon Lime Zinger tea from Target the other day. Not usually a tea person but it sounded good for summer, in case I need a La Croix break.

Sorry if this was a really boring post, but I’m the weirdo who gets excited about all those neat little containers lined up in the fridge. I *may* even search #mealprep hashtags on IG in my free time. This is 35, people. I could also do an entire post about collagen peptides and how I’m convinced they’re saving my old lady knee joints, but we’ll save that for another day. I don’t want to get y’all TOO excited…

Swim lessons start tomorrow. Pray for no rain!

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  1. Jamie says:

    This is not boring at all! It’s like my own OCD porn and I am so envious of all your containers. I just showed my husband a photo on IG by fitfoodiele this morning of all her containers of healthy food lined up. I like your posts because it makes a healthy life seem so attainable. Keep up the good work!

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