Big Girl Date

Tonight we took the kids to a movie night at the pool, which was so fun except for the fact that they can’t actually screen the movie until it’s dark… so after 9pm. The kids and I got to the pool around 5:30, they swam until 9 (with a short dinner break), then watched the first half of the movie. You know your kids are exhausted when they don’t even fight you about leaving in the middle of a movie. Jack actually apologized in the car, saying, “Sorry mom, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to stay awake the entire way home.”

Uhhh, mission accomplished?? You go right ahead, son.

(They both made it home awake though. Barely.)

Yesterday afternoon my dad took Jack down to the lake to go fishing. I was supposed to go to book club, but Brian and I decided to take advantage of the solo time with Isla to give her a little pre-birthday surprise (she turns 5 on Sunday… how???). I ran a few birthday errands with her, then we picked Brian up from work and took her to dinner at her favorite restaurant- Pie Five. Finally we drove her to the American Girl store and let her pick out a doll. She was in HEAVEN.

She ran around the store checking out literally every doll, cradling babies, chatting up other little girls. It was pretty precious.

In the end she picked out one of the the little Wellie Wisher dolls (those rain boots are CUTE). We told her that she would have to wait until her b-day on Sunday to open it, and she was actually fine with that… guess she’s growing up?? I still think she’s a little young for one of the big dolls. We’re going to see how she does with this one- meaning will it be naked and have a new haircut/tattoos by next week- and then maybe upgrade later.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! We have a lot of birthday prep but that’s pretty much it.

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  1. Gia says:

    Please send me that last picture of Isla. It takes my breath it is so precious! ❤️

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