Happy Birthday Isla!

Isla turned 5 today! Does not seem possible. How do we have 2 school-age kids now??

This year was special because Isla had her birthday party ON her actual b-day. It was a crazy day, that’s for sure. Brian and I were up late working on party favors and getting all her presents ready:

Then sister jumped in our bed at 7am, SOOOO excited to go downstairs and open presents. She’s been waiting patiently since Wednesday to open her American Girl doll, and along with it she got: a Barbie with a dog that actually comes with fake dog poop and a pooper scooper (omg… she saw this at Target a month ago and couldn’t stop talking about it), a few of our staple summer H&M dresses ($5!!!), unicorn sunglasses, shrinky-dink jewelry kit, a big hula hoop/jump rope set. Jack gave her a new fidget spinner, some Lip Smackers and a bunch of stationery (so she’ll stop stealing all my envelopes, ha).

After presents she had her requested donut breakfast, then we spent the rest of the morning getting ready for her party. She had it at a local gymnastics place for the 2nd year in a row- girl knows what she likes!

And now for the photo dump…

After the party we came home to open gifts from my parents, then headed to Babe’s for dinner- her choice. I’m pretty sure she only ate biscuits and maybe one bite of chicken for dinner, but she loved having the staff sing to her and getting to wear the chicken hat.

On the way home she asked, “Is the day almost over? Because I don’t want it to be…” and then 5 minutes later was passed out in her carseat.

She definitely lives life to the fullest. Love that precious girl!!

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  1. Gia says:

    I love this beautiful, sweet girl so much. I can’t imagine how we got to lucky. ❤️

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