Summer Cut

I’m pretty pumped right now because we leave for vacation in about 36 hours. We’re going to Charlevoix, MI again, but this time the kids and I get to stay for TWO WEEKS!! Unfortunately Brian is only staying a week, thanks to that whole “work” thing… womp womp. We’re staying in the same house where we vacationed last year, along with my parents, Zach, Laura, Owen and Stevie. The kids are super excited, both to be going back to Michigan and to get to vacation with their cousins. Jack already has his bucket list ready: Mackinac Island, finding more Petoskey stones, and eating a lot of fudge & taffy.

This week has been crazy. I know I say that every week, but I expected summer to be so chill and laid-back, and so far it is NOT. We finished up swimming lessons today and both kids made huge strides over the past 2 weeks (Isla required a few bribes, but I’m not above that). I spent most of today attempting to pack and then running errands for the trip. I’m the worst packer ever and put it off until the last possible second. Luckily Brian took tomorrow off of work (funny story- he actually thought our flight was Friday, not Saturday) so I’ll have an extra pair of hands… or at least someone to keep me accountable when I start procrastinating.

Jack’s hair had gotten so out of control that he finally asked for a haircut, which never happens. The kid HATES change, and every time I take him to see Miss Ginger, he just tells her to do the tiniest trim possible. This time he requested a summer ‘do, and it’s the shortest I’ve ever seen his hair!!

But soooo cute. He looks older, which makes me sad… but now I can see those big green eyes. He was getting really annoyed with me snapping pics.

I’m going to try to post a few times while we’re gone. Brian remembers the house having wi-fi, but I honestly can’t remember. Anyway, I’ll try my best!

Wish me luck packing… I need some of this energy:

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